School Management

Board of Trustees

  • Responsible for the general control and management of the administration of CSA
  • To carry ultimate legal responsibility for the general, overall control of CSA
  • To ensure CSA operates in line with the Articles of Association
  • To ensure the Memorandum of Association is kept up to date

The Executive Team

  • To lead, facilitate, communicate and implement the Camphill School Aberdeen (CSA) vision, mission, overall direction and strategic development of the school
  • Support and manage the members of the Management Team relevant to their remit
  • Maintain awareness of the internal and external landscape of the school
  • Provide a direct link between the Board of Trustees and the school
  • Act as managers for Scottish Social Services Commission (SSSC) registration purposes
  • To be answerable both to the Board of Trustees and the Camphill Meeting

The Management Team

  • To be answerable and accountable to the Board of Trustees
  • Hold accountability for the general day-to-day running and operation of CSA
  • To meet the statutory, legislative, and other requirements of external bodies, agencies and individuals relevant to their remits
  • Provide a direct line of communication between the task groups within their remit, and the Management Team
  • Assign tasks to, and receive reports from, the task groups, assess their progress and ensure that these tasks are effectively carried out
  • Make decisions by consensus or individually according to agreed procedures
  • Ensure all matters of concern with regard to the performance, competence and professional conduct of all persons who are involved in, and give service to, the School receive proper and full investigation and support

The Executive and the Management Team are currently made up of 11 members:


  • Laurence Alfred, Executive Director
  • Alex Busch, Deputy Executive Director - responsible for Social Pedagogy
  • Kathleen Scott, Director of Finance and Corporate Services

Management Team

  • Martin Alfred - Young Adult Services Manager
  • Mark Greig - Facilities Manager
  • Terri Harrison - Early Childhood Services Manager
  • Jane Hepburn - Head of HR and Organisational Development
  • Philip Hodgkins - Deputy Facilities Manager
  • Gill Shuttleworth - Head of Care
  • Helen Willey - Head of Education