Fund Raising

Many thanks to all those who have helped make the Therapy Centre a reality.

A year ago the centre was little more than an idea. Camphill Estates' Council, the company responsible for capital development for the local Camphill communities, agreed to fund the project and requested that the parents' and friends' group would raise £100,000 towards the project as the Council had a number of other projects in the pipeline.

We set about the task earnestly and were helped early on when the Wooden Spoon charity agreed to donate £50,000 to the project. Next came Jack Stewart, a final-year pupil, who decided to dye his hair mahogany for the cause and raised more than £750 by his creativity.

Other people who used their creativity were Katy Wood, a sister of one of our pupils, who sky-dived and raised £700, and Jane Riach, one of our mothers, who raised just over £4,100 by climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

Other major contributors were The Robertson Trust (£43,000), The Fraser Foundation (£10,000), Mugdock Children's Trust (£6,000), Our Kids Too (£5,000), Thornton Solicitors (£2,000), Simon Davies (£2,000) and Mary Ware (£1,000).

All those whose names appear below also contributed and, to you all, we give our grateful thanks. By the time you read this we will have moved in and the following therapeutic activities will have new homes: art, play, rhythmical massage, speech, drama, therapeutic baths and counselling.

Lee Marchi, Shui Lee, Chris Stewart, Dorothy and Michael Elder, Yorkshire Building Society, L Echo Ecossais, Brenda Munro, Alan Dongworth, Acergy, Joan Barrack, Pam Courcha, David Farrell, Mony Alfred, Anne Hall, Rowena Cruickshank, Jim Purdie, Lily Gallagher, Robin Jeffrey, Mark Sneddon, David Eccles, Elizabeth Fairgrave, George Hogg, Anne Bone, Kathleen Smith, Helen Thomson, Eileen Davie, Bill Anderson, Richard Simcox, Ferguson Group, Brown Bros, Harris, McLean, Sheila Forbes, Agnes Jones, Lynda George, Vivien Pirie, Bill and Fiona Forbes, Bill Murray, Core Gas, KCA Duetag, Irene Grant, Anderson, CA Davies, Clarke, Peter and Catharine Meldrum, AT Savage, Our Kids Too, Deeside Choristers, The Wooden Spoon, Thornton Solicitors, G Bates, Angela Davies, Camphill Estate employees, Tom Reynolds, Lesley Towns (Sparrows Offshore), Jan Robertson, Dawn and Charlie Walker, Bob and Elaine Johnson (Marcella), Kevin Graham, E McWhir, Mary Ware, The Robertson Trust, Allan and Carol Swankie, Dr K G Chrystie (Fraser Foundation), Mark Davies (Simon), Margaret Mathieson, Mugdock Children's Trust, Denis Durno, Frances Cowie, Jack Stewart, Jane Riach

Thank you
Laurence Alfred

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